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                                                                  The Physical and Spiritual Universe 
I am a physical/spiritual man and I have been thinking about “the universe” for some time now. For a long time I recognized that there are physical laws that govern the physical universe and there are spiritual laws which govern the spiritual universe. Recently I concluded that there are similarities between the Physical Universe and the Spiritual Universe. Allow me to explain:

1. The Physical Universe can be looked at two ways. There is the “macro view” of that which is very large and the “micro view" of that which is very small. The macro view can be expressed by equations from Newton and Maxwell and summed up by Einstein’s theory of relativity. (The latter lets us see the relationships between space, time and gravity for example.) Then there is the micro view of the universe where subatomic particles dwell, where quantum mechanics rules and where probability explains all. Some experts believe that once you see the physical universe from an understanding of the micro view, your view of the universe will be changed forever.

2. The Spiritual Universe can be looked at two ways too. Like the physical, there is the "macro view" and the "micro view". And just like the physical, more of us humans are familiar with the macro view than the micro view. The macro view of the spiritual universe focuses on obedience to God "over a lifetime" and the micro view focus on obedience to God “moment by moment”. The macro view has its sights set on the end where the micro view sets it sites on the now. The macro view says no one is perfect and the best we can expect is obedience most of the time. Therefore, the macro view brings to mind scales that weigh our best acts against our not so best acts. This view can lead to pride when we are doing our best. The micro view finds no value in pride and focuses on “the one who did his best for me” moment by moment. This act of another to do his best for me brings forth gratitude that springs into love. The micro view says motivation is everything and love ruling moment by moment is the key to perfect obedience.  I believe once you see the Spiritual Universe (obedience) from an understanding of the micro view, your view of obedience will be changed forever.

                                                                 "Success by the mile is a trial but success by the inch is a cinch"

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